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Accelerate your growth and fill talent gaps.
Fill talent gaps quickly in as little as 2 weeks for short-term talent
Access our network of vetted technology professionals to fill short-term talent gaps or build a long-term team with right mix of technical, business and critical thinking skills.
Reduce IT staffing costs by 20-40% vs onshore total employment costs
Nearshore development could save you up to 40% on custom software development enabling you to optimise your IT staffing costs.
Accelerate your time to market with outcomes focused teams
Our dedicated product-centric teams are supported by our talent professionals delivering our unique high-performance teaming program that drives success.
Build data-led solutions backed by our experts in data & analytics and AI
Leverage the top tier experience of our leadership team who have designed and built AI and data-driven solutions impacting million of people.
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Hugh Simpson
Chief Executive
Nearshore / offshore IT expert with 20 years experience in government, technology, data and AI consulting at EY and nearshore software development at Ciklum.
Christi-Anne Hofland
Head of People & Culture
10+ years of experience in international development and talent programs for USAid, America House, US State Department & Fulbright Scholar/Fellow.
Ralph Hudler
Sales Director, EMEA
Ralph has over 20 years of operational and strategic experience in helping clients to build and scale their software engineering and data talent across a range of industries.
Olga Vorushilo
Talent Acquisition Lead
Olga has over 10 years of talent management and acquisition experience in the Ukrainian IT market.