Our mission is to help our clients fill talent gaps and accelerate growth.
Liquid Technology is a global technology partner that helps innovative companies build exceptional products and solutions by optimising their software delivery organisations.
We are diverse and inclusive.
We aim to be an employer of choice for women with flexible working conditions.
Gender pay gap
We ensure equal pay for equal work - no compromise.
>7 years experience
Our teams have the right blend of experience to enable knowledge sharing.
People from EEO categories
Our people come from all walks of life - expatriates, disabilities, veterans or internally displaced people.
Think global, act local.
Speak to sales and client service teams in your local language.
Sales & Client Service
Sales & Client Service
Sales & Client Service
Sales & Client Service
Access the best talent from across our owned and network delivery centres globally.
Delivery Centre
Delivery Centre
Delivery Centre
Delivery Centre
Team behind your team.
Hugh Simpson
Chief Executive Officer
Hugh leads Liquid Technology as a nearshore / offshore IT expert with 20 years experience in technology, data, analytics and AI consulting at EY, nearshore software development at Ciklum and founding his own start-ups. Hugh holds an MBA from the University of Sydney and is a graduate of the Australian Defence Force Academy.

Christi Anne Hofland
Head of People & Culture
10+ years of experience in international development and education leading programs for USAid, America House, US State Department & Fulbright Scholar/Fellow. Christi-Anne holds a Master's in Development Economics and International Development and MA in Global Studies from Washington University and BA in Marketing and Entrepreneurial Leadership from Gonzaga University.

Ralph Hudler
Sales Director, EMEA
Ralph has over 20 years of operational and strategic experience in sales and marketing of technology solutions, across all sectors in industry, financial and insurance, pharmacy, commerce, retail, tourism, transportation, airline and automotive. His expertise and strong experience in the outsourcing industry helps clients to build and scale their software engineering talent.

Olga Vorushilo
Talent Acquisition Lead
Olga has over 10 years of talent management and acquisition experience in the Ukraine market having worked across multiple sectors. Olga has a Master's in Human Resource Management and Labor Economics.

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Our story.
Liquid Technology's co-founders saw first hand the challenges of recruiting, retaining and scaling software engineering talent both for companies in high-cost western markets, but also in Ukraine where the large outsourcing firms were focusing more on filling seats than building long-term sustainable high-performing teams.

Leveraging a shared experience in the Ukrainian IT market and proven capability to build and scale technology products, the co-founders created Liquid Technology.

Instead of launching this new brand from scratch, the they set about merging digital business units within the Atlantic Group Limited's (AGL) portfolio companies to maximise economies of scale whilst still being as nimble as a start-up.

AGL is a US-owned business that was the first company to commercialise TV in Ukraine in 1992 and has grown to over 200 people. Building on this legacy of winning Emmy's, Webby's and top digital agency multiple times, Liquid Technology is able to capitalise on 29 years of experience delivering to international clients.

Liquid Technology's refreshed mission is to provide a new and better way to outsource, accelerate growth and fill talent gaps with high-performing teams with the right mix of technical, business and critical thinking skills.
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