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Your vision.
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Accelerate growth and fill talent gaps with solutions that work for you and your vision.
What we do.
Employer of Record +
Bring your own engineer (BYOE) and we help you recruit, onboard, pay and administer your remote team without the need to open a branch or office - 100% legally compliant.

EOR available locations:
  • Ukraine
  • Albania
  • India
  • Portugal
Surge, extend or build your team with your vision using an outstaffed team in Ukraine or one of our partner locations. No hassle, no hidden fees.

Specialist teams:
  • Blockchain / DeFi
  • Data & Analytics CoE
  • R&D (AI, IoT) CoE
  • Cyber Security
  • Deep Tech

Develop your product or solution with end-to-end services in deep teach, data and AI where you can share the delivery risk and accelerate your growth.

Practice areas:
  • Blockchain
  • Data & Analytics
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Internet of Things
  • Cyber Security

How it works.
Ask the right questions
Explore your challenges and understand what success looks like.
Co-develop the solution
Define a solution that balances risk, timing and cashflow with flexible delivery models.
Build a high-performing team
Team with the right mix of technical, business and critical thinking skills.
Share the risk and support engineering excellence with accelerators and L&D training.
Ready to start? Get in touch to see what solution we can co-develop with you.
What you get with your team.
Compliant BYOE remote
team management
  • Onboard < 1 week
  • No upfront fees
  • Flexible engagement terms
  • Customise staff benefits
  • Full local compliance
  • All inclusive price from
    $399/month plus salary
    and recruitment fees
Onboard Your Team
Build and scale your
dedicated team
  • Manage team as your own
  • Remote or hybrid
  • Access our co-working space
  • Full service talent acquisition
  • Team building and L&D included
  • On-demand 'surge' engineering
    and delivery support
  • Full visibility of salary
  • Scale up and down as you need
  • 40% saving vs. UK onshore team
  • All inclusive price from
    $999/month plus salary
Build Your Team
Share the risk and build
your solution
  • Managed delivery to reduce risk
  • Access to accelerators
  • Engineering QA & expert support
  • End-to-end project management
  • Access to our accelerators
  • Integrate seamlessly into your organisation
  • 30% saving vs. UK onshore team
  • Outcomes based pricing available
  • Flexible commercial terms
Build Your Solution
Ready to build your team?
Get in touch and one of our team will help co-create a solution that's right for you.
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