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For the last 209 days the Ukrainian people have fought to defend their freedom with help from friends around the world. 

In recent weeks we have seen the Ukrainian Armed Forces prove they have the strategic, operational and tactical capability to take their country back. 

Ukraine has shown President Vladimir Putin and his cabal of genocidal imperialists that Ukraine will not give into tyranny — even in the face of Russian general mobilisation and sham referenda. 

Over the last 6 months the Ukrainian economy has taken a beating, but is now starting to fight back just like the armed forces.

The Ukrainian economy is stabilising and showing modest signs of recovery across key agricultural, manufacturing and knowledge sectors.  

There is no better way to say ‘we shall never be defeated’ than to get the economy growing again.

How can you help?


Do you need to establish a European manufacturing hub?

Whether it’s fabrication, renewables or aerospace, there are highly skilled workers ready to scale your business whilst you take advantage of suspended custom duties.

Looking to build a nearshore development team or need help with delivering IT projects?

Hire Ukrainian engineers and IT specialists who are some of the world’s best and the brains behind brands like Revolut, PayPal and WhatsApp.

Need UX/UI, creative, design, marketing or digital experts? 

Hire the Ukrainian talent behind award winning campaigns and digital solutions for Bacardi, Netflix or Disney.

Liquid Technology is part of the Atlantic Group, a top Ukrainian technology, media, marketing and advertising group that was founded in 1994 and headquartered in Kyiv.

We’re not going anywhere.

Our people speak almost 10 different languages, we are >50% female at all levels and have a deep experience delivering for international clients from Australia to the United States.

Our 200+ engineers, designers, social media managers, digital marketers, communications experts are ready and willing to work to help clients accelerate their growth.

Get in touch to see how we can help you build and scale your team, website, application or your business. 

Your vision is our mission.

Hugh Simpson is the CEO of Liquid Technology. As part of an international technology career working in consulting and private equity, Hugh moved to Ukraine in 2018 helping global companies to accelerate their growth and fill talent gaps.