Top 5 Technology Trends for 2022
Liquid Technology takes a look at the top trends to watch in technology for next year.
Hugh Simpson
CEO, Liquid Technology
"For more than 77% of the CTOs in the DACH region 'Cybersecurity' is the most important topic of 2021"
Ralph Hudler, Sales Director, EMEA at Liquid Technology.
Summer is over for us in the northern hemisphere and before we pull out our sweaters and grab a pumpkin spiced latte, we thought we'd pause and look at some of the top 5 technology trends we're seeing for 2022 and beyond.

1. Cybersecurity

Demand for cyber security professionals has grown exponentially. Businesses are now mandating cyber-awareness and cyber-resilience for all employees, not just IT, with Gartner reporting that, "80% of organisations tell us they have a hard time finding and hiring security professionals".

2. Distributed cloud

Cloud computing is taking another leap forward with the help of 5G and enhanced Internet of Things capabilities. We see more and more clients taking advantage of distributed cloud where they utilise processing power at 'the edge' to filter masses of data much more efficiently than through transfers to a remote cloud service.

3. Artificial Intelligence

AI is continuing to grow steadily as businesses adopt automation strategies that optimise their operations and provide better customer service.

4. Blockchain

Blockchain technology is growing fastest with payments technology and it offers benefits such as high-level security, real-time processing and quick cross border transactions. This year we have even seen a few countries officially adopt blockchain payment solutions in recognition of their growing popularity.

5. Distributed talent

COVID has changed the way we work and resulted in more teams being scattered around the world as onshore companies look to accelerate growth with distributed teams in areas of the world with great talent at competitive rates.

"Many clients are taking advantage of hotspots of talent around the world to help meet growing demand. In Ukraine we see more clients taking advantage of the strong engineering capability of data scientists, blockchain and AI," said Hugh Simpson, CEO at Liquid Technology.


As we start looking into planning for 2022, many businesses are looking to accelerate their growth and fill talent gaps that take advantage of these major trends. At Liquid Technology, we help our clients build and scale dedicated teams to solve your business and technology challenges.

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