We have done this before
Since 2002 we have been delivering value to international clients as the Webby and Emmy award winning agencies LQD7 and Animax. Now as the new Liquid Technology, we continue to take that same passion forward to continue this tradition.
Field force management system for leading BTL and trade marketer
Challenge: Cleverforce needed a unique automated field force system to support short-term and long-term field projects when working with global clients.

Response: We designed and developed 'Supervisium' an automated reporting system for Web and Mobile, combined with a Telegram chatbot to enable easy management of people in the field, including GPS tracking, time management, data collection and reporting.

The app is now maintained by Liquid Technology as a managed service.

  • Easier coordination of large scale field force activities across multiple cities
  • Enhanced insight to effectiveness, performance and utilisation of resources
  • Time saving reporting processes through chatbot
Innovative 'WakeApp' for peace for charity organisation
Challenge: Our client needed an innovative way to increase charity donations after recent declines.

Response: We developed a mobile app which works as a normal alarm clock playing music from famous Ukrainians, but every time you hit the snooze button, it sends a preset amount of money to your chosen charity.

We helped our client reduce the decrease of donations by 30% and raise awareness with >21mil interactions.
    Trusted by many.